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  1. High Temperature Alpha Amylase

    Excellent thermal stability for liquefaction of steam jet-cooked starch slurry. Reduces slurry viscosity during liquefaction at 80 90. Stable at Jet Cooking temperature. liquefaction of starch-containing grain and starch containing tuber mashes (corn, sorghum, rice, cassava etc.) for production of Ethanol and for malt extraction."
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  2. Gluco Amylase

    Excellent thermal and pH stability Capable of doing any type of starchy grain and tuber saccharification for simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) of grain and tuber mashes.
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  3. Enzymes For Maximum Extract Yield

    "It hydrolyses starch, NSPs, glucans and proteins for maximum extract yield. Protease action leads to release of free amino acids and reduces viscosity and results in efficient filtration. helps in hydrolysis of adjuncts, containing Non-Starch Polysaccharides and proteins. This results in a fall of viscosity and better filtration rate. "
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  4. Beta Glucanase

    "Hydrolyses NSPs for maximum extraction. Viscosity falls rapidly which results in better starch hydrolysis and efficient filtration. Extra sugars generated from glucans are beneficial for yeast growth and production. hydrolyses Non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) like Beta-Glucans which cause high viscosity and create problems in filtration."
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  5. Papain Enzymes

    "Viscosity falls rapidly due to hydrolysis of proteins. It increases filtration efficiency by hydrolysing protein gels. hydrolyses proteins and peptides in grist into peptides and amino acids required by yeast for healthy growth."
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