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  1. Multi Enzymes Blend - For Plant-Growth

    Unique organic, bio-based plant supplements for better growth and flowering. Suitable for all crops for better growth and higher yields.
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  2. Multi Enzymes Blend - Organic Insecticide

    Cherry typically follow the life cycle of egg to adulthood. Both eggs and adults are difficult to kill directly with organic application. Thus, larvae are used as point of contact as they are prone to organic Enzymes based Formulation attack. Adults of various types of pest insects chew holes in foliage and fruit stems. Most insects bore pin hole size damage on fruit . Ultimately immature cherries are scarred that results in deformities. Cherries are the most affected host, but pear, plum, prune, apple, coffee, tomato, strawberry, corn, ginger and various nut trees may also be affected. act on the Larvae by injuring it to bleed body fluid and ultimately killing it."
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